Rack Mount TMVJ – Cabinet with slide-out shelf

The TMVJ Fixed Cabinet introduces a compact, low cost solution for fiber optic cable termination. The TMVJ series is ideal for rack-mounting in confined areas such as equipment enclosures where rack space is limited. The cabinet is equipped with slide-out shelf with splice tray holder. This allows easy access to the splicing area for optical network reconfiguration during operation and prevents damage to fibers prior to routing into adapters. The modular system allows splicing and termination up to 48 fibers in rack height 1U.




  • FTTH use - holder for minicables or microtubes
  • Designed for cable or microtubes termination
  •  Compact robust design
  •  Slide-out shelf provides unrestricted access
  •  Changeable front panel, various adapters
  •  Coupling adapters mounted on the face panel
  •  Accommodates up to 48 fibers in 1 rack unit
  •  Durable powder coat finish
  •  Cable strain-relief and grounding provisions
  •  Accepts the industry's most common  connector types
  •  Powder coating color RAL 7035