Optical Distribution Frames and Cable Closures

Wall mount

Wall Mount MPIC - Interconnect Cabinet

Wall Mount MPIC - Interconnect Cabinet

The double-door Premise Interconnect Cabinet (MPIC) is available from 6 to 96 fiber capacities. The
cabinet is ideal in building entrance terminals, telecommunications closets, computer rooms and other
controlled environments where space is limited. This double door cabinet provides segregated access
for the end-user and the installer. Both doors are fully removable from base, which allows easy access
during installation works and optical network reconfiguration. End-users can reconfigure the
connections without exposing the installation workspace. The...

Wall Mount FO 22 - Splice and Termination Box

The FO 22 is a cost effective wall mount interconnect indoor cabinet designed for splice, storage and protection of 4 to 12 fiber optic connections. These compact, modular units are ideal for use in locations such as building entrance terminals, telecommunications closets and other controlled environments where wall space is at premium. The FO 22 M allows capacity up to 12 fibers.