OPTOKON Management team

OPTOKON consists of many types of people with many different backgrounds – yet comprises one strong team with common goals and understanding. The OPTOKON commitment to excellence begins with its people. Our employees leverage their talent and deep industry experience to provide the most effective strategic and operational guidance to our branches, partner companies and customers.

Communication is vital to the success of each and every company which is why OPTOKON places particular emphasis not only on strong and transparent communication with its customers but also within the company. OPTOKON consists of many departments which all play an important role in ensuring that the final product successfully reaches the customer with the expectation that the customer will come back for more. The process of launching and keeping a successful product on the market from design concept to the final packaging is long and arduous and requires each member of staff to closely interact and share common goals. OPTOKON puts the mechanism for this interaction in place through a system of regular weekly meetings, staff training and company seminars, and by obtaining regular customer feedback.

Jiří Štefl

Ing. Jiří Štefl
General Director

Ing. Eva Fuksová
Financial Director
+420 564 040 116
Magda Rychnovská
Marketing & Sales Director
+420 564 040 114
Ing. Pavel Pospíchal
Technical Director
+420 564 040 119
Ing. Miloš Milichovský
Quality director
+420 564 040 126
Eva Šteflova
Director of Personal Department
+420 564 040 105

Ing. Radomil Kolátor
Head of Service Centre & Calibration
+420 564 040 110

Ivana Pražáková
Manufacturing Director
+420 564 040 123
Eva Vyoralová
Head of Logistic Department
+420 564 040 112
Ivan Bula
Head of Fiber Optic Network Testing & Installation
+420 564 040 109