OPTOKON Newsletter April 2012

26 April

Welcome to the first OPTOKON newsletter for 2012 which is issued midway through what has been for OPTOKON, one of the busiest exhibition seasons in recent years. You can find details of both recent and forthcoming exhibitions below. Don’t forget that you can stay up to date with what’s happening at OPTOKON via our website, twitter updates and our Facebook page – just see the feature in this newsletter.

OPTOKON Newsletter October 2011

25 October
OPTOKON Newsletter October 2011

Welcome to the October edition of the OPTOKON newsletter which follows hot on the heels of the busy exhibition season, a period that generates much work, both before and after each exhibition. Some of this is evident in this edition, which is slightly larger than usual due to the increased amount of news and products that have recently been released. In addition there is an article on POF testing by Pavel Pospíchal and an article about OPTOKON security products supplied to the Ministry of Defense and NATO by Jiří Štefl.

OPTOKON Becomes a Wholly Czech Owned Company

23 September

On March 31st 2011 OPTOKON, a leading global organization providing connectivity and infrastructure solutions for organizations of all sizes, became a wholly Czech owned company when it acquired the shares previously held by Methode Electronics Inc.