Fusion Splicers and Fiber Optic Tools

Fusion Splicers & Cleavers

PTR-200 Series Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers

PTR-200 is a family of manual to fully automated fiber recoaters and proof testers for high-volume optical fiber processing. Together our PTR-200 recoaters and proof testers ensure that stripped or fusion spliced fibers retain their original diameter, flexibility and long-term strength. PTR-200 is the most comprehensive and effective line of recoaters and proof testers on the market today.

SAS-400 Optical Fiber Acid Stripper

SAS-400 is a unique hot acid stripper that removes a variety of coating types, including acrylate and polyimide. It can be used to center strip, or “window strip,” a fiber—a common process in fiber Bragg grating manufacture or metalizing fiber. SAS-400 strippers are efficient, safe systems that remove all coating while maintaining the intrinsic fiber strength.


LDC-400 is a fully automated fiber cleaver that produces flat and angled cleaves on fibers ranging from 80 microns to 1.25 mm in diameter. This tension-and-scribe system marries the tensioning capabilities of our linear proof testers with precision diamond blade scribing technology to produce consistent low-angle cleaves with mirror-quality end-face finishes.

GPX-3000 Series Glass Fiber Processors

GPX-3000 is a unique, multipurpose glass processing platform for creating splices, combiners, tapers, couplers, end-caps and other fiber processes with optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. GPX-3000 systems are built around a unique filament “furnace” assembly—a stable, intense heat source that can be precisely controlled over a wide temperature range—to ensure optimum glass processing conditions. The systems are ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy, versatility and repeatability such as fiber laser and medical device...

FFS-2000 Fusion Splicing Workstation

FFS-2000 is an all-in-one workstation that combines all fusion splicing processes from fiber stripping through proof testing into a single system so users can create high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. The system’s workstation design, along with unmatched imaging capabilities and extensive programming flexibility, makes it ideal for both volume production and R&D applications.

FAS Fiber Automated System

FAS is a flexible automation platform that can fully automate a wide variety of opto-electronics manufacturing processes such as creating fiber Bragg gratings, fused fiber couplers and fiber lenses. One of FAS’ primary applications is automating optical fiber fusion splicing, a fundamental yet critical manufacturing process required for most optical assemblies. FAS can be configured with various “toolbox” modules for stripping, cleaning, splicing, recoating, and proof testing to create a high-volume manufacturing system. A total of up to six modules can be loaded in the...